[SPARK-9633] [BUILD] SBT download locations outdated; need an update
[spark.git] / LICENSE
2014-05-14  Sean OwenSPARK-1827. LICENSE and NOTICE files need a refresh...
2014-03-02  Michael ArmbrustMerge the old sbt-launch-lib.bash with the new sbt...
2013-09-26  Reynold XinMerge pull request #943 from ScrapCodes/scala-2.10
2013-09-18  Joseph E. GonzalezMering changes from master
2013-09-18  Joseph E. GonzalezMerging latest changes from spark main branch
2013-09-18  Joseph E. GonzalezMerging changes between Reynold's branch and Joey's...
2013-09-06  Prashant SharmaMerged with master
2013-09-03  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #889 from alig/master
2013-09-03  Y.CORP.YAHOO.COM... Merge remote-tracking branch 'mesos/master' into yarnUILink
2013-09-03  Matei ZahariaMerge remote-tracking branch 'old/master'
2013-09-02  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #887 from mateiz/misc-fixes
2013-09-02  Matei ZahariaUpdated LICENSE with third-party licenses
2013-08-23  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #701 from ScrapCodes/documentation...
2013-08-13  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #813 from AndreSchumacher/add_files_...
2013-08-07  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #787 from ash211/master
2013-08-06  Joseph E. GonzalezMerging local changes to @rxin graph branch.
2013-08-06  Joseph E. GonzalezMerged graphx from @rxin into master
2013-08-01  Patrick WendellMerge branch 'master' into ec2-updates
2013-08-01  Matei ZahariaMerge remote-tracking branch 'dlyubimov/SPARK-827'
2013-07-31  Andrew xiaMerge branch 'master' into Pool_UI
2013-07-30  Reynold XinMerge branch 'lazy_file_open' of github.com:lyogavin...
2013-07-27  XinghaoNew files from merge with master
2013-07-26  Reynold XinMerge pull request #738 from harsha2010/pruning
2013-07-23  Dmitriy LyubimovMerge branch 'master' into SPARK-826
2013-07-17  ctnMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2013-07-17  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #708 from ScrapCodes/dependencies...
2013-07-17  Matei ZahariaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pr/704'
2013-07-17  Matei ZahariaMerge remote-tracking branch 'old/master'
2013-07-17  Matei ZahariaAdd Apache license headers and LICENSE and NOTICE files
2011-04-27  Mosharaf ChowdhuryMerge branch 'master' into mos-shuffle-tracked
2011-02-02  Matei ZahariaMerge branch 'master' into sbt
2010-12-15  Matei ZahariaMerge branch 'master' into mos-bt
2010-12-07  Matei ZahariaAdded BSD license