[SPARK-9633] [BUILD] SBT download locations outdated; need an update
[spark.git] / make-distribution.sh
2014-08-04  Sarah GerweckFix some bugs with spaces in directory name.
2014-06-23  Matthew FarrelleeFix mvn detection
2014-05-25  Patrick WendellSPARK-1911: Emphasize that Spark jars should be built...
2014-05-18  Patrick WendellSPARK-1873: Add README.md file when making distributions
2014-05-13  Patrick WendellBUILD: Add more content to make-distribution.sh.
2014-05-09  Patrick WendellSPARK-1565 (Addendum): Replace `run-example` with ...
2014-05-07  Andrew AshTypo fix: fetchting -> fetching
2014-05-06  Patrick WendellSPARK-1737: Warn rather than fail when Java 7+ is used...
2014-05-06  Andrew Or[SPARK-1735] Add the missing special profiles to make...
2014-05-05  Andrew Or[SPARK-1681] Include datanucleus jars in Spark Hive...
2014-05-04  Patrick WendellSPARK-1703 Warn users if Spark is run on JRE6 but compi...
2014-05-04  Rahul SinghalSPARK-1658: Correctly identify if maven is installed...
2014-04-29  witgoImproved build configuration
2014-04-27  Rahul SinghalSPARK-1651: Delete existing deployment directory
2014-04-27  Rahul SinghalSPARK-1650: Correctly identify maven project version
2014-04-25  Patrick WendellSPARK-1619 Launch spark-shell with spark-submit
2014-04-24  Patrick WendellSmall changes to release script
2014-04-23  Patrick WendellSPARK-1119 and other build improvements
2014-03-28  Nick Lanhamfix path for jar, make sed actually work on OSX
2014-03-28  Nick LanhamMake sed do -i '' on OSX
2014-03-19  Nick LanhamBundle tachyon: SPARK-1269
2014-01-11  Reynold XinMerge pull request #359 from ScrapCodes/clone-writables
2014-01-10  Tathagata DasMerge branch 'driver-test' of github.com:tdas/incubator...
2014-01-10  Reza ZadehMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2014-01-10  Andrew OrMerge github.com:apache/incubator-spark
2014-01-10  Patrick WendellMerge pull request #353 from pwendell/ipython-simplify
2014-01-10  Tathagata DasMerge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into drive...
2014-01-10  Reynold XinMerge pull request #294 from RongGu/master
2014-01-10  Patrick WendellMerge pull request #293 from pwendell/standalone-driver
2014-01-09  Tathagata DasMerge branch 'standalone-driver' into driver-test
2014-01-09  Ankur DaveMerge remote-tracking branch 'spark-upstream/master...
2014-01-08  Reynold XinMerge pull request #360 from witgo/master
2014-01-08  walkerMerge remote branch 'upstream/master'
2014-01-08  liguoqiangfix make-distribution.sh show version: command not...
2014-01-08  Thomas GravesMerge pull request #345 from colorant/yarn
2014-01-08  Patrick WendellMerge remote-tracking branch 'apache-github/master...
2014-01-08  Patrick WendellMerge pull request #313 from tdas/project-refactor
2014-01-08  Patrick WendellMerge pull request #336 from liancheng/akka-remote...
2014-01-08  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #327 from lucarosellini/master
2014-01-08  Hossein FalakiFixed merge conflict
2014-01-07  Hossein FalakiMerge branch 'master' into MatrixFactorizationModel-fix
2014-01-07  Reynold XinMerge pull request #337 from yinxusen/mllib-16-bugfix
2014-01-07  Reynold XinMerge pull request #349 from CodingCat/support-worker_dir
2014-01-07  Reynold XinMerge pull request #318 from srowen/master
2014-01-07  Reynold XinMerge pull request #348 from prabeesh/master
2014-01-07  Patrick WendellMerge pull request #339 from ScrapCodes/conf-improvements
2014-01-07  Reynold XinMerge pull request #331 from holdenk/master
2014-01-07  Patrick WendellMerge remote-tracking branch 'apache-github/master...
2014-01-06  walkerMerge remote branch 'upstream/master'
2014-01-06  Sean OwenMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2014-01-06  Tathagata DasMerge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into proje...
2014-01-06  Holden KarauFinish documentation changes
2014-01-06  Holden KarauCode review feedback
2014-01-05  Reynold XinMerge pull request #292 from soulmachine/naive-bayes
2014-01-04  Patrick WendellMerge pull request #329 from pwendell/remove-binaries
2014-01-04  Patrick WendellMerge remote-tracking branch 'apache-github/master...
2014-01-04  Patrick WendellChanges on top of Prashant's patch.
2014-01-04  Patrick WendellMerge pull request #325 from witgo/master
2014-01-03  Patrick WendellMerge pull request #317 from ScrapCodes/spark-915-segre...
2014-01-03  Prashant SharmaMerge branch 'master' into spark-1002-remove-jars
2014-01-02  Prashant Sharmaa few left over document change
2014-01-02  Prashant Sharmaspark-shell -> bin/spark-shell
2014-01-02  Prashant SharmaMerge branch 'scripts-reorg' of github.com:shane-huang...
2014-01-02  Prashant SharmaRemoved sbt folder and changed docs accordingly
2013-11-13  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #160 from xiajunluan/JIRA-923
2013-10-23  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #64 from prabeesh/master
2013-10-18  Joseph E. GonzalezMerging with spark upstream changes.
2013-10-16  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #8 from vchekan/checkpoint-ttl-restore
2013-10-15  Shivaram VenkataramanMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/apache...
2013-10-15  Joseph E. Gonzalezmerged with upstream changes
2013-10-11  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #51 from ScrapCodes/scala-2.10
2013-10-11  Matei ZahariaMerge remote-tracking branch 'tgravescs/sparkYarnDistCache'
2013-10-11  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #19 from aarondav/master-zk
2013-10-10  Reynold XinMerge branch 'master' of github.com:apache/incubator...
2013-10-10  Prashant SharmaMerge branch 'scala-2.10' of github.com:ScrapCodes...
2013-10-09  Patrick WendellMerge pull request #22 from GraceH/metrics-naming
2013-10-06  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #20 from harveyfeng/hadoop-config...
2013-10-05  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #27 from davidmccauley/master
2013-10-05  Prashant SharmaMerge branch 'master' into scala-2.10
2013-10-04  Nick PentreathMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2013-10-03  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #26 from Du-Li/master
2013-10-01  Du Lifixed a bug of using wildcard in quotes
2013-09-27  shane-huangMerge branch 'reorgscripts' into scripts-reorg
2013-09-26  Reynold XinMerge pull request #943 from ScrapCodes/scala-2.10
2013-09-26  Reynold XinMerge pull request #670 from jey/ec2-ssh-improvements
2013-09-26  Reynold XinMerge pull request #7 from wannabeast/memorystore-fixes
2013-09-23  Reynold XinMerge branch 'master' of github.com:markhamstra/incubat...
2013-09-23  Nick PentreathMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2013-09-23  shane-huangadded spark-class and spark-executor to sbin
2013-09-20  Reynold XinMerge branch 'master' of github.com:mesos/spark
2013-09-18  Joseph E. GonzalezMering changes from master
2013-09-18  Joseph E. GonzalezMerging latest changes from spark main branch
2013-09-18  Joseph E. GonzalezMerging changes between Reynold's branch and Joey's...
2013-09-16  Reynold XinMerge branch 'master' of github.com:mesos/spark
2013-09-15  Prashant SharmaMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/mesos/spark...
2013-09-10  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #915 from ooyala/master
2013-09-10  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #916 from mateiz/mkdist-fix
2013-09-09  Matei ZahariaFix copy issue in https://github.com/mesos/spark/pull/899
2013-09-06  Prashant SharmaMerged with master
2013-09-01  Matei ZahariaMerge remote-tracking branch 'old/master'