2013-06-22  jerryshaofix block manager UI display issue when enable spark... branch-0.7 22831/head
2013-06-22  Christopher... In the current code, when both partitions happen to...
2013-06-22  Jey KottalamFix reporting of PySpark exceptions
2013-06-22  Jey Kottalamuse parens when calling method with side-effects
2013-06-22  Jey KottalamPySpark daemon: fix deadlock, improve error handling
2013-06-22  Jey KottalamRename PythonWorker to PythonWorkerFactory
2013-06-22  Jey KottalamAdd tests and fixes for Python daemon shutdown
2013-06-22  Jey KottalamPrefork Python worker processes
2013-06-22  Jey KottalamAdd Python timing instrumentation
2013-06-05  Reynold XinMerge pull request #642 from pwendell/branch-0.7
2013-06-04  Patrick WendellBump akka and blockmanager timeouts to 60 seconds
2013-06-03  Josh RosenFix SPARK-670: EC2 start command should require -i...
2013-06-03  Josh RosenAbort job if result exceeds Akka frame size; add test.
2013-06-03  Josh RosenThrow exception if task result exceeds Akka frame size.
2013-06-03  jerryshaofix CheckpointRDD getPreferredLocations
2013-06-02  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #609 from pwendell/SPARK-738-0.7
2013-06-02  Matei ZahariaUse correct API directory in doc generation
2013-06-02  Jey KottalamUpdate version to 0.7.3-SNAPSHOT
2013-06-02  Matei ZahariaRevert "Update version to 0.7.3-SNAPSHOT" v0.7.2
2013-06-01  Matei ZahariaMerge remote-tracking branch 'jey/branch-0.7' into...
2013-05-29  Jey KottalamUpdate version to 0.7.3-SNAPSHOT
2013-05-29  Jey KottalamUpdate latest AMI URL for 0.7.2
2013-05-29  Jey KottalamInclude URI scheme when generating cluster_url
2013-05-26  Josh RosenUse ec2-metadata in
2013-05-18  Jey KottalamRelease v0.7.2
2013-05-18  Jey KottalamExclude old versions of Netty from Maven-based build
2013-05-18  Matei ZahariaExclude old versions of Netty, which had a different...
2013-05-17  Jey Kottalamrepl shouldn't depend on bagel and examples
2013-05-17  Jey KottalamFix generation of *-javadoc.jar files
2013-05-17  Jey KottalamUpdate run script to find updated JARs
2013-05-17  Jey KottalamFix Hadoop2 build. Enable with -Dhadoop.version=2
2013-05-17  Jey KottalamBuild Hadoop1 variant of Spark by default
2013-05-16  Jey KottalamMake Maven artifactIds constant
2013-05-16  Jey KottalamMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-0.7' into...
2013-05-12  Patrick WendellCapturing class name
2013-05-12  Patrick WendellSmall fix
2013-05-12  Patrick WendellRemoving import
2013-05-12  Patrick WendellChanging technique to use same code path in all cases
2013-05-12  Patrick WendellRemoving unnecessary map
2013-05-12  Patrick WendellSPARK-738: Spark should detect and squash nonserializab...
2013-05-10  Mark HamstraActually use the cleaned closure in foreachPartition
2013-04-30  Reynold XinMerge pull request #588 from pwendell/branch-0.7
2013-04-30  Patrick WendellSpark-742: TaskMetrics should not employ per-record...
2013-04-26  Jey KottalamUpdate development version to 0.7.2-SNAPSHOT
2013-04-26  Jey KottalamRelease v0.7.1 v0.7.1
2013-04-26  Jey KottalamMark kafka:0.7.2-spark as an externally provided dependency
2013-04-25  Jey KottalamInclude scala version in artifactId
2013-04-25  Jey KottalamConform to Sonatype's "Central Sync Requirements"
2013-04-25  Jey KottalamConfigure Maven to perform releases
2013-04-25  Matei ZahariaCreate an empty directory when checkpointing a 0-partit...
2013-04-24  Matei ZahariaCall commitJob on Hadoop OutputFormats to fix issues...
2013-04-24  Matei ZahariaUpdate unit test memory to 2 GB
2013-04-20  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #574 from jey/make-repl-not-require...
2013-04-19  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #576 from jey/update-maven-to-scala...
2013-04-19  Matei ZahariaTurn on forking in test JVMs to reduce the pressure...
2013-04-18  Jey KottalamUpdate Maven build to Scala 2.9.3
2013-04-18  Jey KottalamRemove spark-repl's extraneous dependency on spark...
2013-04-17  Jey KottalamIncrease ReservedCodeCacheSize for sbt
2013-04-15  Matei ZahariaMake ShuffledRDD.prev transient
2013-04-14  Andrew AshDon't pull in old versions of Jackson via hadoop-core
2013-04-14  MikeReversed the order of tests to find a scala executable...
2013-04-12  Matei ZahariaFix tests from different projects running in parallel...
2013-04-10  Andrew AshUniform whitespace across scala examples
2013-04-10  Holden KarauJust use a loop for retries
2013-04-10  Holden KarauRetry failed ssh commands. This is especially useful...
2013-04-08  Matei ZahariaFix passing of superstep in Bagel to avoid seeing new...
2013-04-08  Patrick WendellUpdating based on code review
2013-04-08  Patrick WendellSPARK-724 - Have Akka logging enabled by default for...
2013-04-08  Matei ZahariaFixed a bug with zip
2013-04-08  Matei ZahariaFix compile warning
2013-04-08  Matei ZahariaMerge remote-tracking branch 'kalpit/master'
2013-04-08  Matei ZahariaUpdated link to SBT
2013-04-08  Matei ZahariaFix deprecated warning
2013-04-08  Matei ZahariaUpdate Scala version in docs
2013-04-08  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #552 from MLnick/master
2013-04-08  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #554 from andyk/scala2.9.3
2013-04-04  Andy KonwinskiUpdate build to Scala 2.9.3
2013-04-03  Nick PentreathBumping Algebird version in examples now that it suppor...
2013-04-03  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #550 from erikvanoosten/master
2013-04-03  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #551 from jey/python-bugfixes
2013-04-02  Jey KottalamFix Python saveAsTextFile doctest to not expect order...
2013-04-02  Jey KottalamFix argv handling in Python transitive closure example
2013-04-02  Erik van oostenCorrected order of CountMinSketchMonoid arguments
2013-04-01  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #548 from markhamstra/getWritableCla...
2013-03-31  Mark HamstraCorrect sense of 'filter out' in comment.
2013-03-31  Mark HamstraFixed broken filter in getWritableClass[T]
2013-03-30  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #539 from cgrothaus/fix-webui-workdi...
2013-03-30  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #541 from stephenh/shufflecoalesce
2013-03-30  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #547 from jey/maven-streaming-tests...
2013-03-30  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #545 from ash211/patch-1
2013-03-30  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #546 from ash211/patch-2
2013-03-28  Andrew AshUpdate
2013-03-28  Jey KottalamMove streaming test initialization into 'before' blocks
2013-03-28  Andrew AshDon't use deprecated Application in example
2013-03-27  kalpitspark instance number must be present in log filename...
2013-03-27  kalpitadded SPARK_WORKER_INSTANCES : allows spawning multiple...
2013-03-27  kalpitupgraded sbt version, sbt plugins and some library...
2013-03-26  Matei ZahariaMerge pull request #543 from holdenk/master
2013-03-26  Andy KonwinskiAdd comment to README that 2.10 not yet supported
2013-03-25  Holden Karaumethod first in trait IterableLike is deprecated: use...