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last changeFri, 22 Feb 2019 06:22:52 +0000 (15:22 +0900)
8 hours ago  Sean Owen[SPARK-26851][SQL][FOLLOWUP] Fix cachedColumnBuffers... master
8 hours ago  nandorKollar[SPARK-26930][SQL] Tests in ParquetFilterSuite don...
10 hours ago  Dongjoon Hyun[SPARK-26950][SQL][TEST] Make RandomDataGenerator use...
10 hours ago  zhengruifeng[SPARK-25097][ML] Support prediction on single instance...
10 hours ago  Maxim Gekk[SPARK-26955][CORE] Align Spark's TimSort to jdk11...
10 hours ago  gengjiaan[MINOR][SQL] Fix typo in exception about set table...
12 hours ago  Joseph K. Bradley[SPARK-26960][ML] Wait for listener bus to clear in...
14 hours ago  Dongjoon Hyun[SPARK-26958][SQL][TEST] Add NestedSchemaPruningBenchmark
21 hours ago  Liang-Chi Hsieh[DOCS] MINOR Complement the document of stringOrderType...
23 hours ago  Dave DeCaprio[SPARK-26917][SQL] Cache lock recache by condition
27 hours ago  Felix Cheung[R] update package description
38 hours ago  Shixiong Zhu[SPARK-26824][SS] Fix the checkpoint location and _spar...
39 hours ago  liupengcheng[SPARK-26892][CORE] Fix saveAsTextFile throws NullPoint...
42 hours ago  Liupengcheng[SPARK-26877][YARN] Support user-level app staging...
47 hours ago  Maxim Gekk[SPARK-26900][SQL] Simplify truncation to quarter of...
47 hours ago  Huaxin Gao[SPARK-22798][PYTHON][ML] Add multiple column support...
15 hours ago v2.4.1-rc4
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2 weeks ago v2.3.3-rc2
2 weeks ago v2.3.3
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6 weeks ago v2.2.3
3 months ago v2.4.0-rc5
3 months ago v2.4.0
4 months ago v2.4.0-rc4
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5 months ago v2.3.2-rc6
5 months ago v2.3.2
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