9 hours ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòStabilizing notification tests master
14 hours ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Swagger Core and UI
28 hours ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòCleaning up standalone to avoid SOAP conflicts
28 hours ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòFixing toggle menu title for custom tasks
28 hours ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòEnsuring WebSocketResponse is not involved
30 hours ago  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1436] set fetch type to LAZY
4 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòRe-enabling the debug profile under console-reference...
4 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Spring Boot
4 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòMaking checkstyle happy again
4 days ago  Colm O hEigeartaighEnable security-related HTTP headers in the console
5 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòReverting Batik constants, as this triggers 'java.lang...
5 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading spring-security and batik
6 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòFirst working HotSwap configuration for JDK 11
6 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Spring
6 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòEnsure to ignore synthetic fields during reflection
6 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòEnsuring proper logging in build-tools
7 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading bcpkix-jdk15on
7 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòMoving test mail server to build-tools (avoid noisy...
8 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading log4j2
11 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading HikariCP
11 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòSkipping JaCoCo execution when tests are skipped
11 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòBackporting fix for CXF-7968
11 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòRemoving some commons deps definition
11 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Tomcat
11 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòCompleting JUnit upgrade
11 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading JUnit
11 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòFixing URL in docs
12 days ago  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1433] disable flag during schema editing
2019-02-05  skylark17[SYNCOPE-1431] Fixed Connector and Resource history...
2019-02-04  Francesco ChicchiriccòFlowable: simplifying forms retrieval
2019-02-04  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading wicket-bootstrap and modernizer-maven-plugin
2019-02-01  Francesco ChicchiriccòAdjusting wicket dependency management to cope with...
2019-02-01  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Wicket and Bootstrap
2019-01-31  Andrea Patricellirestored copy to clipboard in topology section
2019-01-30  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1429] Using regexp query with some sauce
2019-01-30  Francesco ChicchiriccòAdjusting default TaskExecutor for @Async processing
2019-01-30  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1430] Cleanup
2019-01-30  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Elasticsearch client
2019-01-29  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1430] Now ItemTransformer#beforePropagation...
2019-01-29  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading CXF
2019-01-28  Francesco ChicchiriccòOhloh -> OpenHub widget
2019-01-28  Francesco ChicchiriccòMore robust test handling
2019-01-28  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Cargo
2019-01-25  Francesco ChicchiriccòBump ConnId upgrades
2019-01-25  Francesco ChicchiriccòAdding jacoco support + sonarqube instructions (even...
2019-01-25  Andrea Patricelli[SYNCOPE-1428] read by key not authenticated now return...
2019-01-24  Francesco ChicchiriccòFixing an hidden yet old bug: display attributes select...
2019-01-23  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1418] No more *Context.xml, Spring configurati...
2019-01-23  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1427] Adjusting some conf and docs
2019-01-22  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1427] More fixes for JDK 11
2019-01-21  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1427] Using JDK 11 on Docker too
2019-01-21  Francesco ChicchiriccòTweaking gmavenplus-plugin conf
2019-01-21  Francesco ChicchiriccòRestoring MAVEN_OPTS on AppVeyor
2019-01-21  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1427] Besides JDK 11, also switched to CXF...
2019-01-21  Colm O hEigeartaighAdd noopener noreferrer for target blank URLs
2019-01-21  Francesco ChicchiriccòIncluding NotificationManager and AuditManager in the...
2019-01-21  Francesco ChicchiriccòSmall cleanup to avoid unwanted dir creation
2019-01-21  Francesco ChicchiriccòEnsure Tomcat is downloaded before building standalone
2019-01-21  Francesco ChicchiriccòAdjusting memory settings for Travis CI
2019-01-21  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1418] All based on Spring Boot now
2019-01-19  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1426] Eclipse IDE plugin removed
2019-01-18  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Camel
2019-01-18  Francesco ChicchiriccòAdjusting links for pgjsob instructions
2019-01-17  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1425] Erasing all values but string, which...
2019-01-17  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1395] production MasterContent.xml missing...
2019-01-16  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Swagger UI
2019-01-16  Francesco ChicchiriccòSmall cleanup after Flowable upgrade
2019-01-16  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Bootstrap
2019-01-15  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Flowable
2019-01-14  Marco Di Sabatino... [SYNCOPE-1408] Fix plain and vir re-add
2019-01-14  Marco Di Sabatino... [SYNCOPE-1408] Fix plain and vir re-add
2019-01-11  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading spring-security
2019-01-10  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1381] Fix naming + include in enduser deb
2019-01-10  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1381] Fixing archetype
2019-01-08  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1424] changes the way to build the task search...
2019-01-04  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1422] Forgot to update
2019-01-04  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading HikariCP
2019-01-03  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading maven-assembly-plugin
2019-01-02  Francesco ChicchiriccòIt's 2019
2018-12-31  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Groovy
2018-12-28  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1422] Aligning names with the rest
2018-12-28  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1422] permits to provide custom AuditManager...
2018-12-28  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1402] (Temporary?) switching to hibernate...
2018-12-27  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1418] Minor modifications in preparation to...
2018-12-27  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1416] fixes searches for unique attributes
2018-12-24  Francesco ChicchiriccòAttempt to get longer builds on Travis CI
2018-12-24  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Tika and maven-jar-plugin
2018-12-21  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1420] Replacing expired access tokens upon...
2018-12-21  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1419] Adding integration test, also verified...
2018-12-20  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1419] minox style fixes
2018-12-20  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1419] provides the correct behavior in case...
2018-12-20  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1419] provides the correct behavior in case...
2018-12-20  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Elasticsearch
2018-12-20  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Tomcat
2018-12-19  Andrea Patricelli[SYNCOPE-1418] Added harmless spring lazy loading on...
2018-12-19  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading antlr4
2018-12-19  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1413] Missing license header
2018-12-18  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Swagger UI
2018-12-18  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1413] CLI removed from architecture picture
2018-12-18  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1414] Installer removed