2018-02-13  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1262] Last matrix parameter still there
2018-02-13  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1262] Last matrix parameter still there
2018-02-13  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1262] Remove matrix parameters - OpenApi wins :-(
2018-02-13  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1262] Adapting test to OpenAPI
2018-02-13  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1274] Using Swagger annotations for TO hierarchies
2018-02-13  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrade Tomcat
2018-02-12  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Disruptor
2018-02-12  Marco Di Sabatino... [SYNCOPE-1272] Set browser cache duration to NONE for...
2018-02-10  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading GreenMail
2018-02-09  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Elasticsearch client
2018-02-09  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Angular
2018-02-08  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading HikariCP
2018-02-08  Francesco ChicchiriccòSuggestion to set
2018-02-08  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Elasticsearch client
2018-02-08  Francesco ChicchiriccòSwagger -> OpenAPI
2018-02-07  Francesco ChicchiriccòMissing @Produces annotations
2018-02-07  Francesco ChicchiriccòFixing error reporting in case (no more IllegalArgument...
2018-02-07  Francesco ChicchiriccòFixing suspended flag report in UserTO
2018-02-07  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading ASF parent pom
2018-02-07  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading CXF
2018-02-06  Francesco ChicchiriccòSome clean up
2018-02-06  skylark17[SYNCOPE-1267] New binary Schema validator to check...
2018-02-05  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Tycho
2018-02-02  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Swagger UI
2018-02-02  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading ConnId REST bundle
2018-01-31  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Elsticsearch client
2018-01-30  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1266] fixes log level
2018-01-30  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1266] fixes the clone method of the BinaryFiel...
2018-01-30  Francesco ChicchiriccòRenaming 'password reset' to 'password management'...
2018-01-29  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1265] Populating the IdP cache upon startup
2018-01-29  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Camel, Bootstrap Select and FileInput
2018-01-26  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1262] Adding authorizations
2018-01-25  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Jackson and Spring Security
2018-01-25  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1262] Since the proposed
2018-01-24  Francesco ChicchiriccòDowngrading Swagger Core - breaking changes in minor...
2018-01-24  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Spring, Swagger and Tomcat
2018-01-22  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading commons-httpclient
2018-01-22  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1263] Fix for JUnit5
2018-01-22  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1263] Now checking for invalid JWT string
2018-01-19  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading JUnit 5
2018-01-19  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Swagger UI and modernizer-maven-plugin
2018-01-18  Marco Di Sabatino... Disabling an entity only on resources always changes...
2018-01-17  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Elasticsearch
2018-01-16  Francesco ChicchiriccòCompleting the work for SYNCOPE-1249 with pull support
2018-01-14  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading HikariCP
2018-01-12  Francesco ChicchiriccòIt's 2018 since a while...
2018-01-10  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Swagger UI
2018-01-10  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading HikariCP
2018-01-09  Francesco ChicchiriccòFinally using the official
2018-01-08  Francesco ChicchiriccòAllow for user self-activate / self-disable / self...
2018-01-08  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1262] Looks better
2018-01-05  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1262] Taking the SwaggerToOpenApiConversionFil...
2018-01-04  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Angular Translate, BouncyCastle and JDeb
2018-01-04  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1259] Fixing Enduser tests
2018-01-04  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1261] Ensure that Connector Bundles are loaded...
2018-01-03  Francesco ChicchiriccòUnused stuff
2018-01-03  Francesco ChicchiriccòFixing not translated label
2018-01-03  unknown[SYNCOPE-1259] Japanese translation - This closes #64
2018-01-02  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrade CodeMirror, Wicket-jQuery UI, maven-site-plugin
2017-12-28  Andrea Patricelli[SYNCOPE-1257] fixed search by group key with spaces
2017-12-28  Francesco ChicchiriccòImproving getting started with GUI installer
2017-12-26  Francesco ChicchiriccòEnhancing Swagger friendliness for REST services
2017-12-26  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading cargo-maven2-plugin
2017-12-26  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpdating CHANGES for release
2017-12-26  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpdating downloads site page for release
2017-12-22  skylark17Matteo Alessandroni becomes PMC member: updated parent...
2017-12-21  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1255] provides max execution time for all...
2017-12-21  Francesco ChicchiriccòEnsuring the mustChangePassword flag is reset to false...
2017-12-20  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Elasticsearch
2017-12-20  Francesco ChicchiriccòFollow-up fix from SCIM
2017-12-20  fmartelliimprovement for paged search of dynamic group members...
2017-12-19  fmartelliimplements paged searchs to retrieve members of dynamic...
2017-12-19  Colm O hEigeartaighAdd the Active Directory Connector to fit/build-tools
2017-12-19  fmartelliImportant improvement of the method to check if an...
2017-12-18  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1252] fix the search feature + improve autocom...
2017-12-18  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-152] Fix archetype definition
2017-12-18  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1253] Conditional password generation upon...
2017-12-15  skylark17Improvement to REST request for Groups list retrieving...
2017-12-15  fmartellilittle improvement on dynamic membership refreshing
2017-12-15  skylark17[SYNCOPE-1247] Group search and autocompletion does...
2017-12-15  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1249] Better management of User, Group and...
2017-12-14  skylark17[SYNCOPE-1246] Replaced 'property' dropdown field with...
2017-12-14  Marco Di Sabatino... [SYNCOPE-1251] Fix Update Activiti service task
2017-12-13  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading comomns-text
2017-12-13  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1250] fix bad merge
2017-12-13  fmartelli[SYNCOPE-1250] splits filtering (performed on schema...
2017-12-13  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-152] Password management, serviceProviderConfi...
2017-12-12  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-152] Create, replace and delete Users and...
2017-12-12  Francesco ChicchiriccòUnexpected property name change with lastest Flowable
2017-12-12  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Flowable
2017-12-12  Marco Di Sabatino... [SYNCOPE-1248] Fix update user during approval process
2017-12-11  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-152] Little doc addition
2017-12-11  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-152] Adding docs
2017-12-11  skylark17[SYNCOPE-1237] Fix for copy-to-clipboard feature in...
2017-12-11  Colm O hEigeartaighSYNCOPE-1243 - Add information to GroupTO about user...
2017-12-11  Francesco ChicchiriccòFix checkstyle
2017-12-10  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading ANTLR4
2017-12-10  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-152] Complete filter support, added sort support
2017-12-09  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-152] Support for attributes and excludedAttrib...
2017-12-09  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Jackson