2018-11-04  Bob HarnerRe-fix problem of intermittent Selenium link conversion... TAP5-2588
2018-11-04  Bob HarnerTAP5-2588: Make Java 9/10 detection work for 11 too
2018-11-04  Bob HarnerFix problem of intermittent Selenium link conversion...
2018-11-03  Bob HarnerFix unit test broken by Selenium upgrade
2018-10-27  Bob HarnerTAP5-2588: partial support for compiling Tapestry itsel...
2018-10-27  Bob HarnerTAP5-2588: upgrade hibernate to 5.1.1.Final and jboss...
2018-08-06  Bob HarnerAdd descriptions to tasks to run integration test apps...
2018-08-06  Bob HarnerAdd Gradle task for running tapestry-hibernate integr...
2018-08-06  Bob HarnerAdd missing start page links in tapestry-hibernate...
2018-08-06  Bob HarnerGit ignore bin dirs within module dirs
2018-08-05  Bob HarnerAdd more Gradle tasks for running integration tests...
2018-08-05  Bob HarnerMinor - remove unneeded @Property in DynamicDemo test
2018-08-05  Bob HarnerFix unit tests (although BeanValidator tests still...
2018-07-30  Bob HarnerMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-07-30  Jimmy CaseyFixed Spelling.
2018-07-30  Jimmy CaseyFixed Spelling.
2018-07-14  Bob HarnerFix svn comment in build.gradle; no functional changes.
2018-05-28  Bob HarnerAdd gradle-app.setting to .gitignore
2018-01-03  Bob HarnerInitial README.md (for the benefit of the GitHub mirror)
2017-11-27  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number
2017-11-27  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2591: add support for TypeScript modules 5.5.0-alpha-10
2017-11-27  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2017-11-27  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade webdrivermanager
2017-11-27  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Selenium
2017-11-08  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2453: restore test classes
2017-11-08  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2453: move GenericsUtils (and tests) to plastic
2017-11-06  Jochen KemnadeRevert "avoid some unnecessary waiting"
2017-11-06  Jochen KemnadeRevert "fix clicks on wrong elements"
2017-11-06  Jochen Kemnadefix clicks on wrong elements
2017-11-06  Jochen Kemnadeavoid some unnecessary waiting
2017-11-03  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number
2017-11-03  Jochen Kemnadeimprove wait for page load 5.5.0-alpha-9
2017-11-03  Jochen Kemnadefix isElementPresent
2017-11-03  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number
2017-11-03  Jochen Kemnadeimprove wait for page load 5.5.0-alpha-8
2017-11-03  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Geb
2017-11-03  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Selenium
2017-11-03  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Closure Compiler
2017-11-03  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2032, TAP5-2449, TAP5-1493: consider overridden...
2017-11-03  Jochen Kemnadeproduce more output so that builds don't stall on Travis
2017-11-03  Jochen Kemnadeand another fix
2017-11-03  Jochen Kemnadestill working on test failures
2017-11-03  Jochen Kemnadeextract and re-use
2017-11-03  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2582: Service creation for Hibernate Session resul...
2017-11-02  Jochen Kemnadequit the webdriver instead of closing it
2017-11-02  Jochen Kemnadeproperly shut down webdriver instance
2017-11-01  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2017-10-30  Jochen Kemnadetry to fix tests
2017-10-30  Jochen Kemnadeclear the field before sending the new keys
2017-10-30  Jochen Kemnadefix test
2017-10-27  Jochen Kemnadefix tests
2017-10-27  Jochen Kemnadetry to fix test
2017-10-24  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2017-10-24  Jochen KemnadeRevert "work around build timeouts"
2017-10-24  Jochen Kemnadestick with the latest ESR
2017-10-24  Jochen Kemnademake tests work on Java 9
2017-10-24  Jochen KemnadeRevert "stick with the latest ESR"
2017-10-24  Jochen Kemnadeuse webdriver in error reporter
2017-10-19  Jochen Kemnadework around build timeouts
2017-10-18  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2585: remove useless ternary
2017-10-18  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2585: Fix whitespace check
2017-10-18  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number
2017-10-18  Michael Mikhulyareduce lock-contention during page loading #2 5.5.0-alpha-7
2017-10-16  Jochen KemnadeRevert "use WebDriver directly"
2017-10-16  Jochen KemnadeRevert "clear the field before sending the new keys"
2017-10-16  Jochen Kemnadewe don't need geckodriver since we're disabling marionette
2017-10-16  Jochen Kemnadeclear the field before sending the new keys
2017-10-16  Jochen Kemnadeuse WebDriver directly
2017-10-13  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number
2017-10-13  Jochen Kemnadeincrement versionn number 5.5.0-alpha-6
2017-10-13  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2589: improve data source handling if the pager...
2017-10-13  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2589: extend interface with methods that ease...
2017-10-11  Jochen Kemnaderestore the old constructor 5.5.0-alpha-5
2017-10-10  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number
2017-10-10  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade SLF4J 5.5.0-alpha-4
2017-10-10  Jochen Kemnadecache downloaded webdriver binaries
2017-10-10  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Spock
2017-10-10  Jochen Kemnadeallow to specify the language version to use for the...
2017-10-10  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade dependencies
2017-10-10  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2017-10-10  Jochen Kemnadeupdate source levels
2017-10-10  Jochen Kemnadestick with the latest ESR
2017-10-10  Jochen Kemnademake sure that a recent Firefox is available for the...
2017-10-10  Jochen KemnadeUpgrade Selenium and Geb
2017-10-10  Jochen Kemnadefix test
2017-10-06  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2017-10-06  Jochen KemnadeTAP-2588: also test with JDK 9
2017-10-06  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2588: upgrade ASM to 6.0
2017-04-20  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2580: don't override defaults for SymbolConstants...
2017-04-19  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2578: restore constructor signature from before...
2017-04-06  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number
2017-04-06  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2225: use a check that works if jQuery is not... 5.5.0-alpha-3
2017-04-06  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2225: properly handle ElementWrapper instances
2017-04-06  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2225: fix Prototype implementation
2017-04-06  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225: fixing test and fixing missing return in...
2017-04-05  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225: adding test.
2017-04-05  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number after preview release
2017-04-04  Thiago H. de... Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache... 5.5.0-alpha-2
2017-04-04  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225: fixing @PublishEvent JavaDoc
2017-04-04  Jochen Kemnadeavoid some unnecessary String concatenation if there...