2018-10-16  Till WestmannMove to Hyracks 0.3.3 master
2017-10-24  Preston CarmanPOM Dependency Clean Up 176/head
2017-08-28  Christina Pavlopoulou[VXQUERY-208] Lucene Index Filters
2017-08-25  erandiganepola[VXQUERY-180] REST Server implementation 172/head
2017-07-11  Christina Pavlopoulou[VXQUERY-196][VXQUERY-204][VXQUERY-228] Cleaning up... 169/head
2017-06-07  Preston CarmanPreparing the site for the next release. 171/head
2017-05-19  Christina PavlopoulouVXQUERY-105: Add group-by functionality, Add scalabilit...
2017-05-01  Preston CarmanVXQUERY-240: Update Hyracks Dependency to version 0...
2016-11-19  Till Westmannfix import of junit assert 161/head
2016-11-18  Till Westmanndepend on com.fasterxml.jackson.core 2.8.4 160/head
2016-11-14  Till Westmannadd license header
2016-11-10  riyafaVXQUERY-227 Refactor ObjectPointable.getKeys() 147/head
2016-10-13  Preston CarmanImproved indexing documentation. 159/head
2016-10-10  Preston CarmanPreparing the site for deployment after recent changes. 158/head
2016-09-10  Preston CarmanVXQUERY-25: Fixes the file issue with running JUNIT... 155/head
2016-09-07  Steven Glenn... VXQUERY-207 VXQUERY-209 Parallel Index creation and... 153/head 154/head
2016-08-22  riyafaAdd missing specification examples in tests 148/head
2016-08-21  Christina PavlopoulouCorrections for jn:size 149/head
2016-08-17  Christina PavlopoulouUpdating VXQuery Benchmark 146/head
2016-08-13  riyafaImplement libjn:accumulate and libjn:intersect 126/head
2016-08-13  Christina PavlopoulouLess code for libjn:descendant-arrays 145/head
2016-08-12  riyafaImplement libjn:project and libjn:remove-keys 140/head
2016-08-12  riyafaJSONiq get started documentation 139/head
2016-08-11  riyafaImplement descendant-objects and descendant-pairs 128/head
2016-08-08  Steven Glenn... VXQUERY -218 Add delete-index function and XTests,...
2016-08-08  Steven Glenn... Exclude tests that are currently not passing
2016-08-08  riyafaImplement libjn:values
2016-08-08  riyafaVXQUERY-226: Fix key listing and array unboxing 143/head
2016-08-08  riyafaVXQUERY-210 Improve json serialization 142/head
2016-08-08  Christina PavlopoulouUpdating Data Handling 135/head
2016-08-02  Christina PavlopoulouJSONiq Data Model Example 127/head
2016-07-29  Christina PavlopoulouVXQUERY-225 resolved-fn:serialize is now supported 121/head
2016-07-28  Christina PavlopoulouUpdating libjn:descendant-arrays 129/head
2016-07-27  Preston CarmanMerging Riyafa's change with master.
2016-07-27  riyafaChanges to arithmetic operation semantics
2016-07-27  riyafaChanges to value comparison semantics 125/head
2016-07-26  Christina PavlopoulouImplementation of Array Libraries and Testing 123/head
2016-07-26  Preston CarmanUpdate testing for XQTS test special case. 112/head
2016-07-26  riyafaMore tests for SimpleObjectUnionConstructor 119/head
2016-07-25  Christina PavlopoulouVXQUERY-64 issue resolved-fn:trace is supported
2016-07-19  Christina PavlopoulouAdding the rest namespaces
2016-07-19  Preston CarmanFixed an issue with xtest after moving to a single...
2016-07-19  Christina PavlopoulouEditing fn:collection for json and testing
2016-07-19  Till Westmannsome array access cleanup
2016-07-19  riyafaRefactor SimpleObjectUnionScalarEvaluator
2016-07-19  riyafaImplement SimpleObjectUnionConstructor 107/head
2016-07-14  Till Westmanns/junit.framework.Assert/org.junit.Assert/
2016-07-13  Christina PavlopoulouImplementation of array unboxing and testing 96/head
2016-07-13  riyafaVXQUERY-212 Dynamic object construction syntax 95/head
2016-07-12  Christina PavlopoulouImplementing jn:parse-json and testing 93/head
2016-07-12  riyafaImplement opext:keys-or-members method 92/head
2016-07-08  Till Westmannfix year of 0.6 release in DOAP
2016-07-08  Preston CarmanMerge branch 'riyafa/VXQUERY-211'
2016-07-07  riyafaVXQUERY-211 Support "?:" in object constructor 89/head
2016-07-07  Till Westmannadd release 0.6 to the DOAP
2016-07-07  Preston CarmanMerge branch 'ecarm002/exceptions'
2016-07-07  Preston CarmanMerge branch 'christina/squash_parser'
2016-07-07  Christina PavlopoulouImplementing jn:json-doc and jn:members with tests 88/head
2016-07-06  Preston CarmanVXQUERY-221: Removing some extra exception wrapping. 87/head
2016-07-05  riyafaAdjust jn:null, jdm:keys, newlines at end of tests 84/head
2016-07-01  riyafaImplement object navigation
2016-07-01  riyafaVXQUERY-215 Left operand of a pair is ExprSingle 79/head
2016-06-28  Steven Glenn... VXQUERY-213 Fixed Open File Test Error 73/head
2016-06-28  Till Westmannignore *.iml
2016-06-27  Steven Glenn... VXQUERY-198 Added Update Index Statement
2016-06-23  Preston CarmanUpdated rat configuration and a bunch of sonar fixes. 64/head
2016-06-23  Christina PavlopoulouJSONiq size function, array navigation and tests 71/head
2016-06-23  Christina PavlopoulouAdding the name for each test case
2016-06-23  riyafaSupport json-item types
2016-06-23  riyafaExtend functions fn:boolean, fn:string, fn:data to... 68/head
2016-06-15  Preston CarmanJSONiq object parser, constructor, and printer with...
2016-06-10  Preston CarmanJSONiq array parser, constructor, and printer with...
2016-06-10  Preston Carmanmerge master
2016-06-10  Christina PavlopoulouChanging Array Constructor and Adding Test Cases 54/head
2016-06-09  Christina PavlopoulouWorking on some corrections 53/head
2016-06-08  Christina PavlopoulouWorking on array runtime constructor 52/head
2016-06-08  Christina PavlopoulouWorking on array runtime constructor
2016-06-07  Steven Glenn... VXQUERY-194: Moved HDFS created test files to target
2016-06-04  Christina Pavlopoulouchanging format 50/head
2016-06-04  Christina Pavlopoulouchanging format
2016-06-03  Preston CarmanAdded a maven check for the rat report during maven...
2016-06-03  Preston CarmanRenamed a package with all lowercase values.
2016-06-03  Christina PavlopoulouAdding ArrayConstructorNode and correct format
2016-06-02  Christina PavlopoulouAdding ArrayConstructorNode
2016-05-31  Christina PavlopoulouChanging ArrayConstructor 49/head
2016-05-27  Steven Glenn... VXQUERY-32 Integrate Apache Lucene
2016-05-25  Christina PavlopoulouMerge branch 'pavlopoulou/newjsonparser' into pavlopoul... 48/head
2016-05-25  Christina PavlopoulouStill working on JsonParser
2016-05-25  Preston CarmanFixed a package name issue and a few sonar suggestions.
2016-05-25  Preston CarmanJSON object builder, pointable and unit tests.
2016-05-25  Preston CarmanJSON array builder, pointable and unit tests.
2016-05-25  Preston CarmanVXQUERY-193: Minor clean up items after release.
2016-05-24  Christina PavlopoulouSome changes to array builder, pointable and unit test 45/head
2016-05-19  Steven Jacobs[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-05-19  Steven Jacobs[maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-vxquery-0.6 apache-vxquery-0.6
2016-05-19  Steven JacobsFixed License issues
2016-05-19  Steven JacobsMerged Site branch
2016-05-19  Steven JacobsUpdated release doc
2016-05-19  riyafaSequecepointable restored
2016-05-19  riyafaChanges for the last two comments: