descriptionApache Hadoop ZooKeeper
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 15 Feb 2019 14:36:55 +0000 (15:36 +0100)
29 hours ago  Ilya MaykovZOOKEEPER-3277: Add trace listener in NettyServerCnxnFa... master
32 hours ago  Andor MolnarFix ant package target: pom.template, zooinspector
3 days ago  Jie HuangZOOKEEPER-3239: Adding EnsembleAuthProvider to verify...
3 days ago  Josh ElserZOOKEEPER-974: Allow a configurable ZooKeeper server...
4 days ago  Andor MolnarZOOKEEPER-3275: Fix release targets: package, tar,...
4 days ago  Ilya MaykovZOOKEEPER-3276: Make X509UtilTest.testCreateSSLServerSo...
4 days ago  tisonFix typos in
4 days ago  tisonFix typos in
4 days ago  Ilya MaykovZOOKEEPER-3272: Clean up netty4 code per Norman Maurer...
5 days ago  Norbert KalmarZOOKEEPER-3028: MAVEN MIGRATION - - Create maven assembly
9 days ago  maolingZOOKEEPER-3167: add an API and the corresponding CLI...
9 days ago  asdf2014ZOOKEEPER-2892: Improve lazy initialize and close strea...
9 days ago  Enrico OlivelliZOOKEEPER-3273: Sync BouncyCastle version in Maven...
9 days ago  tisonFix typos in
9 days ago  Enrico OlivelliZOOKEEPER-3234: Add Travis-CI configuration file
10 days ago  Andor MolnarZOOKEEPER-1392: Request READ or ADMIN permission for...
3 days ago release-3.4.14-rc1 ZooKeeper 3.4.14-rc1 release.
8 days ago release-3.4.14-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.4.14-rc0 release.
3 weeks ago zookeeper- [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
7 months ago release-3.4.13 ZooKeeper 3.4.13 release.
7 months ago release-3.4.13-rc1 ZooKeeper 3.4.13-rc1 release.
7 months ago release-3.4.13-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.4.13-rc0 release.
9 months ago release-3.5.4 ZooKeeper 3.5.4 release.
9 months ago release-3.5.4-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.5.4-rc0 release.
9 months ago release-3.4.12 ZooKeeper 3.4.12 release.
10 months ago release-3.4.12-rc1 ZooKeeper 3.4.12-rc1 release.
10 months ago release-3.4.12-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.4.12-rc0 release.
15 months ago release-3.4.11 ZooKeeper 3.4.11 release.
15 months ago release-3.4.11-rc1 ZooKeeper 3.4.11-rc1 release.
15 months ago release-3.4.11-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.4.11-rc0 release.
22 months ago release-3.5.3 ZooKeeper 3.5.3 release.
22 months ago release-3.5.3-rc1 ZooKeeper 3.5.3-rc1 release.
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